Easy Techniques To Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Plasma TV

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In this guide, we’ll be showing you the way you’ll connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to TV easily.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4-inch Screen that is taken into account large enough by the majority for a smartphone. It additionally comes with a 512GB of storage with an SD card slot which may additionally accommodate an secondary storage of up to another 512GB.

With this type of storage on a smartphone, it’s safe to say plenty of individuals will be storing tons of films on their phones. Add this to the massive 6.4-inch and you have got what some would decision a ‘Mobile Cinema’. However, some individuals will certainly still need a larger screen, larger than the 6.4-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

When the necessity for a much bigger screen arises, the only factor to do is to attach your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device to a TV or monitor. therefore in this guide, we are going to be showing how to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To TV or Monitor, depending on the one you have.

Ways to connect Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To TV

There are about four ways that to attain this and that we will be observing all four of them in this article.

Using a USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Samsung has their official USB-C to HDMI adapter that was created for this purpose. The adapter Connects your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to your TV easily without trouble. All you have to do is plug the USB end to your phone, Connect the adapter to an HDMI Cable and Plug it to your TV.

Now amendment the input on your TV to HDMI using the remote and That’s it. You’re now ready to begin enjoying all of your movies on a much bigger screen. If you’ll get a Samsung USB-C to HDMI adapter cable, you’ll get the other adapter cable that works a similar approach Samsung’s own does.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Using Miracast

Miracast has been the quality way to stream your videos from your android smartphone to TV wirelessly. using this technique means that your phone doesn’t have to be near to the TV because there’s no wire Connecting your phone to your TV. Most TV these support these feature therefore if your TV Supports this feature then this can be another good way to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device to TV.

The only downside with this technique is that almost all folks don’t have a TV that supports this feature. If you’ve been using your TV for a while then chances are, your TV won’t support this feature. If that’s the case, you’ll use the previous technique since virtually, if not all TVs have the HDMI port or use the next technique.

Using Chromecast

This is maybe the simplest approach that I personally love and use presently. Google Chromecast is one amongst the best ways to mirror your smartphone screen to your TV. Asides having the ability to do that, you’ll stream YouTube video with it and play Spotify music among different things. The Google Chromecast is associate tired one streaming package which every pic lover ought to have. We’ve taken our time to write a close step however you’ll Setup Google Chromecast. Once you’ve completed the setup method, you’ll currently mirror your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen to your TV, wirelessly.

Using Samsung’s DeX

The list won’t be complete without Samsung’s DeX – how to get a full computer experience simply by hook up your phone to a Monitor. This technique isn’t used to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a TV. it’s used to connect it to a Monitor however I felt I required to feature it.

Samsung DeX is pretty like Huawei’s Desktop Mode which accurately transforms your phone into a desktop computer. For this, you’ll be needing Samsung’s USB-C to HDMI adapter which can permit you Connect stuff sort of a mouse, monitor, etc to your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device.

Once you’ve Connected your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device to your monitor, you’ll then watch the films on your device on the monitor. you’ll also do different stuff such as you would usually do on a computer.


These are the ways that to connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to TV or Monitor, depending on the one you have or opt to connect with. If you have any other technique you can employ and would love us to feature it to the list, kindly allow us to apprehend by dropping it in the comment section Down below.




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