How To Watch New World TV Channels On Mobile & Satellite TV

How To Watch New World TV Channels On Mobile & Satellite TV

New World TV Channels is owned by New World Group and founded in April, 2015 in the capital city of Togo (Lome). New World TV Channels are available on digital satellite tv and mobile platforms provide series of Entertainments, News, Politics, Educations And Cultural Heritage. New World TV Channels operates in french language of about 90% while 10% for english for watching tv Program such as social, political, economic and institutional films, It furthers  features with seven different channels on their bouquet. New Word TV Channels operates on eutelsat 10A at 10e on african beam.

How To Watch New World TV Channels On Mobile & Satellite TV

New World Channels Lists And Their TV Programme

  1. New World Channel French Info: delivering of information on education,  social, political and economical ideas in french language
  2. New World Channel English Info: delivering of information on education,  social, political and economical ideas in english language
  3. New World Sport 1: Partnership with the FTF (Togolese Football Federation) we broadcast live football matches played within the country territory.
  4. New World Sport 2: Live the big European football championships suc as bundesliga, italia seria, ligue1 and all sports in Europe such as basketball and others.
  5. New World Cinema: Series of movies are available for entertaiment.
  6. New World Muzik: Songs from different tribes both in Africa, America, Europe and other continents are available at your best tastes.
  7. New World Magazine: Educational, Documentaries and Cultural are provided for promotional of Africa Culture Heritage.

Requirement For Satellite TV Installation:

  • Minimum of 1.m dish or 6ft dish size
  • C-band LNB
  • A Digital Satellite TV Receiver

How To Point Your Satellite TV Dish To Eutelsat 10 At 10E

  • First, Connect the cable from satellite dish to your digital satellite receiver or using freesat V8 finder or any other available satfinder
  • Track with chinese mux on 3650 R 20160 on eutelsat 10A at 10E
  • Once the highest signal quality is achieved then,
  • Proceed to manually input this transponder 3778 R 6478, then proceeds to start scanning the channels but preferably use blind scan mode to get additional channels on the same position.
  • That’s all about the satellite tv installation

New World Tv Channels can further be watch on mobile via android and ios platforms anywhere you find yourself in this world by just download the New World Tv app or visit their official web live for live streaming and you are ready go.

How To Install New World TV App:

These are the simplest way on How To Watch New World TV Channels On Mobile And Satellite TV hope you enjoy today’s tutorial on digital satellite tv and mobile.

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