PTV Sport Is Temporarily Working As A Fre-To Air

PTV Sport Is Temporarily Working As A Fre-To Air

Ptv Sport is temporarily working as a free-to-air  on its satellite position, before I move on to explain the installation concepts, here are the following tv program or tv services such as Live Cricket and EPL Matches offered by ptv sport though the channels will be scramble in the couples of days and yet the ptv sport will still be accessible on supported decoder as long as the channels not decided to change the encryption program as it was using conax encryption program before.

PTV Sport Is Temporarily Working As A Fre-To Air

PTV Sports is a global Pakistani basic cable and satellite sports television channel by Pakistan Television Corporation. PTV Sports was launched on 14 January 2012. Its test transmission began in December 2011 on Asia Sat. It is a state-owned channel. PTV Sports has telecast many sports events since it is launched according to Wikipedia. Ptv Sport is currently working on “Paksat IR” @38.0e and below are the installation tips.

Requirements To Install Ptv Sport:

  • A wide band dish range from 1.8m dish depend on the location but Nigerian will use 3m dish above.
  • A C-band LNB with Di-Electric Plate otherwise known as glass
  • A conax or biss key supported receiver

Frequency, Symbol rate, Polarization and Key Parameters:

  • Satellite NamePaksat 38.0 East
  • Channel NamePtv Sports
  • Frequency: 4005, Polarity: V (Vertical), Symbol Rate: 15555
  • Ptv Sports Biss key: 5132 13CC 9ADD ECCC, Ptv Sports Conax keyEF 12 78 6C BD A0 34 65 AD 32 45 00 98 FC DB CA

How To Install Satellite Dish To Ptv Sport

  • First of all, Place your C-band Lnb to 7-8 O’clock while on east side.
  • If Your dish is already install to sony network, then you have to raise your dish up and point towards Paksat IR @38.0e using above frequency, polarization and symbol rate.
  • Tight your dish, manually scan or preferably use blind scan.

Then proceeds to key patch menu in your receiver to manually input above key parameters or you can purchase special purpose receiver support Ptv Sport such as Tiger  T8 mini ultra, Tiger T3000 extra and so on.

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