How to revive dead/bricked gsky v6 and v7 decoder

Gsky decoder is my second choice when it comes to support to their any products, Gsky PC RS-232 serial port can be used to upgrade any gsky decoder to the latest software and at the same time it can be used to revive dead/soft bricked decoder caused by power failure or other way round mere looking at the Gsky RS-232 upgrading tool can’t be use for all their decoder and  very much similar to that of Freesat RS-232 tools which can be use for reviving all their decoder from bricked but software will be different



  • Connect the RS-232 cable from your PC/laptop to your decoder
  • Extract all the file into the desktop
  • Open the extracted upgrade tools
  • Click on TCOM icon and set the parameters as shown below

  • Click on Open RS-232 port as shown below

  • Select the upgrade software from your PC/Easy disk… by click on … as shown below

  • Select Gsky software as shown below

  • Press “start” on the windows of the tool as shown below

  • Then reset the GSKY receiver(power on) as shown below

  • Wait above 20seconds, it will display”Sync the slave,please wait…” as shown below

  • Wait a little time,it will transfer the data to the receiver.The transmission process takes about 11 minutes as shown below

  • After the end of data transmission,it will burn the software to the receiver as shown below

  • After the burming finished,it will display “Upgrade flash succesfully”.The receiver will auto reboot,all will be ok as shown below then you are done.

If you still encounter some problem you can use the contact form to reach me or email: or or WhatApp;-+2348036143281 or Skype: @ayokunmi8.



  1. Hello Day break Africa, I downloaded new software of alpha box x6 plus in to mine but it freezed , with the inscription as boot .what can I do ?

    • rename the software to rom.bin and copy the file into the root of the storage and plug it into your decoder and reset your decoder(power on) and it will start upgrading automatically

  2. Good evening house,
    I nailed AFN Sport with the purpose to watch EPL but I can’t watch a single EPL match yesterday(14/10/2017)
    Is it that AFN doesn’t broadcast EPL at all?
    And which league match do they broadcast?

  3. I had a gsky v7 that was installed software which was not, but through these instructions I succeeded, something that worried me was when I became a open TCOM file that was giving me this message (The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect) I was very worried and after putting on my computer this files was able to open TCOM and give Upgrage My Receiver without any trouble and it works well as new. Search for these files >Microsoft Virtual C + + Redistributable All (x64) and (x86) that are 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 after installing it on your computer TCOM will open without trouble , I used Windows 7 and Disktop Computer and Rs- 232 to Rs-232, then follow Admin directions, if you need those files check me on whatsapp via this number +255752807303

  4. Hi there i,m steven from Burundi
    And I would like to ask you something .I do not understand because I want to track MTN and AFN are rocated west at 34.5 west so i have browsing on internet and I saw some people saying that if you track they signal And they can’ track a receiver and be blocked Is true or is lies please help me thank you in advance

  5. i have a25 leg , its damaged only say on displayed on and its want to upgrade i do that’s steps it say pleas reset slave stb! and i do off and on but it not pass this stape so what i can do ?


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