Tiger M5 Super Opening BeoutQ Without Internet & Others Specs

Tiger M5 Super Opening BeoutQ, IPTV, Ferrari Server

Tiger M5 Super is another Fantastic addition to the Tiger receiver with outstanding performance and the possibility of opening beoutq sport on Badr/Arabsat @26E despite the fact that Bein Media Group alleged BeoutQ for piracy content.  Tiger M5 Super capable of opening many satellite tv packages across the continents with innovative and strong server called Ferrari. Tiger M5 Super Featuring with IPTV using Royal IPTV Pre-loaded Subscription, ability to opening PowerVu and Autorole Biss Key with Internet and support newly introduced H.265 video output format as the satellite tv provider moving from high definition video format to Hevc H.265.

Tiger M5 Super has single tuner otherwise known as DVB-S2 and mini receiver to the like of Tiger T8HD Ultra, T3000 Mega, Tiger T3000 Extra T3000 and so on which comes with forever server, apollo iptv while Tiger M5 Super comes with Ferrari Server Satellite tv package and Royal IPTV with the addition of option of using MYHD IPTV.

Tiger M5 Super Specifications

  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 Tuner
  • Hevc H.265, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4 compliant
  • Support Multi Satellite Search
  • Multi Transponder Search Support
  • Media Player Codec: avi, mkv, ts, mp3 mp4 compliant
  • Video Output Resolution: 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 50/60HZ
  • 32bits color on screen display (OSD)
  • Capable os storing 100 satellite package
  • favorite and parental control
  • Blind Search Supported
  • 7-days EPG
  • Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2 and USALS Supported
  • Pre-loaded 1year Ferrari Server
  • 6month Royal IPTV
  • Xtream IPTV and MYHD Protocol Option

Why Tiger M5 Super Receiver is Good For Africa?

Why Tiger M5 Super Receiver is Good For Africa?

Tiger M5 Super Receiver is good for African because it is capable of opening satellite tv package across Africa such as tvsat on eutelsat 16e, Hotbird 13e, Hispasat 30w, Astra 19 using Ferrari Server, PowerVu channels which includes Sony Entertainment, HBO, Sky News on Intelsat 68,5e, Sony Entertainment on Intelsat 66e, AFN package on 5w, 34.5w, 64e, and 9e and the ability to opening beoutQ channels without internet.

Tiger M5 Super support HEVC H.265 Video output Supported used by some channels such as eleven sport taiwan on Eutelsat 10A same position with signal-6 and CCTV on 5e same position with startime position which was working temporarily before it is encrypted up to the present and now turning to AFA Sport on Badr 26e for your live sport events catch up.

How To Activate Tiger M5 Super For The First Use?

No big deal i activating Tiger M5 Super for the first use just follow the guidelines outlined below and you won’t face any difficulties in activating your Tiger M5 Super or otherwise you can request me to activate it for you before shipping out if you buy from me and here are the guidelines:

  • Firsly, You need to setup your Internet Connection using compatible wifi adapter or 3G modem and to do this Press Menu>>>>>Network>>>>(choose your preferred connection)
  • You need to upgrade your receiver to the latest software version in order not miss some functions either upgrade via FTB online upgrade or download software via tigerbox.com, please note that there must not be power failure during the upgrade processing.
  • After software upgrade and Network connection setting successful just Proceeds to manually Scan BeoutQ Channels using 11919 H 27500 to get BeoutQ 1-10HD channels
  • To Enable Server Protocol for Tiger M5 Super to opening BeoutQ then you need Press 987 to enable the Patch on.
  • BeoutQ Channel will start coming up

How To Upgrade/Revive Dead Tiger M5 Super

I’m aware some will soft brick or fry their receiver in the cause of software upgrade and some will do as a result of power failure using the steps below is the best and safety method for upgrading and as well as to revive or wake your m5 super from dead

  1. Firstly, Get Formatted and clean USB drive and Download Tiger M5 super Software here or visit Tiger star official website.
  2. Make sure you extract the file filename.bin you can learn more here how to extract the file and rename the file into flash.bin .
  3. Copy the file i.e flash.bin into flash drive.
  4. Plug the USB into your M5 super via USB port.
  5. Power On your Receiver and quickly Presss Menu button in 8 consecutive times and wait for the upgrading or flashing finish usually take up to 5minutes
  6. After flashing/upgrading process completed remove the flash drive and your m5 super will be resurrect and working fine.

Where To Buy Tiger M5 Super?

Tiger M5 Super is currently available in Nigeria via local installer and you can also contact me  using contact form if you wish to buy through me at affordable price and if you are out of Nigeria and you have bought any box from me before you can request for western union and moneygram details and I personally used Fedex and DHL to send items for delivery service within 3-7 working days.





  1. Nice write up sir,pls I already have one tigerm5 but since CCTV 5 stop showing I can’t watch live match again.pls is beout trackable in abj?

  2. Please brother my AFN on 5e C- band is not showing,which AFN position can it open. and does it have IPTV account? Thanks.


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