Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Details, Software And Full Specifications

Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Details, Software And Full Specifications

Financially Minimized Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Hybrid Receiver is perhaps little in size however don’t disregard its capacity, its pressed with QuadCore CPU from Hisilicon with the speed of 1.6ghz the chipset Hi3796MV200 will bring every one of the features from its progenitor and some extra. XDSR515HDR is a Ultra High Definition 4K receiver with 60 Frames For each Second in 10bits HDR Picture Quality, Be that as it may, taking the cake is this Case incorporation of the Android Nougat v7.0 OS. This operating system gives innovative features and a refined UI. Another outstanding feature of this STB is the integrated WIFI Module which empowers the issue free connectivity and simple configuration ideal from the remote,

XDSR515HDR is Outfitted with a BUILT-IN WiFi which covers wide band and its good with all encryption types WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP and AES.

XDSR515HDR can read SmartCards of Service provider who permits their card be readable by any ordinary STB.

Xcruiser Software Performance

Xcruiser has actualized Android nougat 7.0 as its main operating system because of its high security and smooth playback of high edge rate videos and internet streaming, moreover it bolster graphical gaming and XDSR515HDR hybrid receiver enables you to connect a joystick to appreciate the joy of gaming in 4K resolution.

After STB chipsets, Xcruiser is collaborating with HiSilicon ChipSet Producer of Huawei for Android devices, which delivers crystal clear picture in high dynamic shading range.

Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Details, Software And Full Specifications

4K Picture Resolution Experience

XDSR515HDR is UltraHD 4K 60 frames for every second and 10bit dept of shading, HLG (Hybrid and half Log Gamma) gives point by point hues, alongside that it has capacity to decode H.265 video, likewise the VP9 10bits and WCG (Wide Color Gammut) will fulfill your 4K TV resolution by covering every single pixel of the screen with its genuine nature.

Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Hybrid Receiver: Satellite TV Tuner

With the XDSR515HDR you get numerous communicate receiving choice, with the built-in DVB-S2 tuner you can get any satellites by pointing the dish, and with help of an external DVB-T USB dongle you can receive the local terrestrial channels, Or in the event that you have the internet with minimal speed of 2mbps you can connect with the world of internet and appreciate the live streaming of video in SD/HD or 4K quality.

Record Function And Streaming Media Experience

With XDSR515HDR you can record 3Channels in foundation and watch 2 PIP (Picture in Picture) At the same time, Record from timeshift, in the event that in the event that you have missed an essential program, you can turn around the video and start the recording from wherever you need (Keep in mind to change the TimeShift start settings in Menu), this you can do with any input source of video Satellite, Terrestrial and OTT (M3U),

XDSR515HDR isn’t restricted to just DVB or Internet, You can use the XDSR515HDR As your Media Center, download KODI from the site or Playstore and play any Video Format in Ultra High Resolution, KODI (XBMC) itself is a mini OS, it has its own addons, playlist, and features, for example, Weatherforecast, you can get the addons appropriate from the KODI menu. likewise you can use MXPlayer, VLC, K-Player whatever help ANDROID OS you can use in XDSR515HDR.

Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Details, Software And Full Specifications

How To Do Screen Mirroring From XDSR515HDR To Any Android Device

Download an application AirSync Z remote from googleplay store, Use your Android phone or tablet as a wireless RCU for your XDSR515HDR. Effectively explore content and play games on your Xcruiser XDSR515HDR gadget with the built-in touchpad, gamepad, and air mouse controls. Use Air Sync Remote to rapidly enter text by using the touchscreen keyboard.

Air Sync Remote likewise offers multi-screen mirroring with simultanenous touchscreen control bolster. Draw content from the wide screen to your mobile gadget with this simple to-use application.

To get started, connect your Android phone or tablet to indistinguishable network from your Xcruiser XDSR515HDR.

Xcruiser XDSR515HDR Full Specifications

Hardware Features:

  • CPU: Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 QuadCore 1.6Ghz
  • RAM: 1GB DDR4
  • Memory: 8Gb
  • Front Panel Display: LED Light (Green/Red)
  • Video output ports: AV 3.5 Jack / HDMI Port
  • Memory Card Slot: Support MicroSD
  • USB Ports: One Port 2.0 and One Port 3.0
  • Digital Optical Output: Support
  • LAN Port: Support
  • WIFI: Support Built-In Wifi
  • Bluetooth => External TBW-108UB V1 & EW-7611ULB
  • IR (Remote Sensor): Support Extendable
  • Card Slot: Support
  • Cam Slot: Support

Software Features:

  • Operating System: Powered by Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 4K UltraHD: Support 4K 60FPS HDR10Bits, WCG, HLG
  • Resolution: 480I NTSC to 2160P
  • Supported Media Format: MKV, MP4, AVI, TS, MPEG
  • Google Playstore: Support & Xcruiser Market
  • TimeShift Playback & Record: Support
  • Schedule Record/Playback: Support
  • Picture in Picture: Fully HD & 4K Support
  • Record to Storage: Network Drive, USB, HDD, SD Card Support.
  • Multiple Channel  Record: Satellite and M3U Supported
  • Channel Scan Types: Support Manual / Auto / Blind / Advanced 
  • Xcrusier Software: Visit official Xcruiser Software Page.


  • How to recover software incase of hangup, booting issue ?
    1. Remove power cable and while connecting power cable press RED key 15times then LED on receiver will blink RED/GREEN press 1 number on the remote will make the receiver to factory default (Note: this option work with software version 1.6.0 or newer)

    2. If the above mention solution doesn’t work then try this
    Download this software file,
    Copy to USB, Connect USB to receiver, Remove power cable, while connecting the power cable press the CH UP key 20times, receiver will start to install the software from USB and it will erase all settings and applications and restore to factory default, 3. After updating with the above file if the problem remain then install this software again using the same method mention above
  • How to update software ?
    Connect Internet and Press Menu >>>>> DVB >>>>> Software Download >>>>> if there’s any new software available can be download here
  • How to Backup Channel list from Receiver to USB ?
    Connect USB to receiver, Press Menu => DVB => Data Transfer => Transfer All system DATA to USB (This will transfer all settings + Channel list) and the second option is => Transfer Service Data to USB (This will transfer only channel list to USB)
  • How to Restore the Backup from USB to Receiver ?
    Connect the USB to receiver, wait for few seconds a window will pop-up or Press Menu >>>>> DVB >>>>> Data Transfer >>>>> Select the LAST option DATA Download from USB press Left/Right to see your Backup list and press OK to download
  • What is the Master Password or Pincode of receiver ?
    Master Pincode is 1407

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